1. CHECK WITH PROCON 55 11 3824-0446. Companies with large commercial advertising are not always reliable.

  2. Demand origin inspection, so that the company sends material, personnel and a vehicle suitable to carry out the services without impromptu or additional fees collection.

  3. Ask for the insurance company's name. Make sure that the company hired has an all-risk policy (loading, unloading, handling and transportation).

  4. Demand packaging ONE or MORE days before the transportation scheduled day. Thus, the client will have a more organized service, and will be able to analyze the quality of the services promised by the company hired. Do not allow the use of second-hand materials, such as cardboard boxes and packaging materials, as clothes and tableware must be packaged with disposable materials (the client does not know the health conditions of the people who have used such materials, and their reuse may cause safety risks for the client and his/her transported goods).

  5. Upon FURNITURE WAREHOUSE hiring, visit the company hired and know how furniture is stored. Demand a detailed inventory of all your goods, with values attributed for insurance purposes, making sure that the storing place has a fire and theft insurance policy.

  6. Upon Start-up of all services, the company hired must submit a specific transportation agreement, with values attributed for insurance purposes. In case of interstate transportation, said agreement must be acompanied by a Load Road Bill of Landing and a detailed inventory of the assets being transported, with clear specification of delivery term and delay daily fine (Demand that the vehicle which collected the goods be the same vehicle which deliver them!). Keep in your possession the data of the vehicle which collected the goods, the name of the employees who have been at your home, and check all material at destination.

  7. Always try to obtain recommendations of the company to be hired, ask for 2 or 3 adresses of clients near your home who have been served by the company. Check the quality of operating personnel, materials and vehicles used.